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It's Personal, Not Personnel, Investing in People

Business Has Changed, Leadership Has Not. Leading in the Virtual World


Veteran, Author, Leadership Coach and Speaker Rob Campbell is a retired Army Colonel, author and leadership speaker.  He is a 27-year Army veteran, paratrooper and ranger with service in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Rob led organizations ranging in size from 24 to 5,000 people overcoming challenges and leading change.  As Commander or CEO of a 5,000-person Infantry Brigade, Rob and his team achieved Army-leading (#1 of 34 Brigades) results in personnel performance, soldier retention and promotion selection rates. 

Rob's core purpose: "To make a difference in the lives of others through optimistic leadership."  With his book, "It's Personal, Not Personnel, Leadership Lessons for the Battlefield and the Boardroom", Rob shares his years of people-centric leadership experience applicable in today's environment of employee disengagement.  Rob speaks internationally about leadership.  He is an advocate for veteran transition issues and coaches executives who desire to lead their people in personal ways. 

My Leadership Experience

  • Founder, CEO, Rob Campbell Leadership. Speaker, Author, Coach, Trainer and Consultant to private businesses.
  • Commander, 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell, KY. Nearly 5,000 men and women. The Army 's #1 brigade for human resource performance and retention.
  • Trainer of Afghanistan-bound units. Coaching and teaching organizations and leaders how to conduct counterinsurgency.
  • Commander of 1st Squadron, 40th Cavalry, Anchorage, Alaska. Nearly 400 men and women. Trained and deployed this unit to Afghanistan in 2009.


Based on my 1st book. This speech begins with the story of two identical people under a different work environment, one great and the other bad. I share with the audience the status of the current workforce, highlighting employee disengagement, its causes and cost. I present the "Leadership Gap," a graphical representation of where leaders place their emphasis and the cost of it. Then I take the audience through an approach I call "Investing in People." Here I share stories of how I invested in my people in the Army and how they can in their organization. This includes a foundation of leadership (vision, values, culture), self-awareness and introspection and truly knowing your people. The speec ends with a call to action for leaders to take small, yet concrete steps to invest in their people.


This speech highlights the current environment as the work force moves on from a global pandemic. I'll include political turmoil and the toll it is taking on the workforce. I weave in science and research to give the audience a fresh and deeper perspective of what we are dealing with in this 'new normal.' I'll then transition to how leaders can still be effective under the interpersonal void which now exists; how they can lead virtually. I'll close some seasoned thoughts and research on how leaders can reassemble the workforce when allowed and what that might look like.

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