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Speaker Spark: Teresa Gitomer

Breakthrough: Teresa Gitomer & Melissa Taylor

Searching for some new & creative ways to build your business?

When you’re in the audience, how many times have you thought to yourself: “Man I’d like to be up there!”

Good news --- there is a high demand for speakers of all skill-levels.

Are you ready? Might you be one? Only some people want to do this and there are audiences wanting to experience you.

Let’s find out … at Speaker Spark!

Speaker Spark is a one-hour interview designed to discover your current skill-level, your potential, and what might your market be. We will discover where you will feel most comfortable and who will be most open to you and your content.

Teresa Gitomer and Melissa Taylor

What To Do Before the Call?

When scheduling, there is an intake form so we can prepare for the call. Please be as honest and specific as you can, and if possible (not required), provide a recent video link of you speaking.

What Happens During the Call?

Teresa will ask lots of questions to understand your expertise, your verbal communication skills, and your motivation for speaking.

What Changes After the Call?

You will receive an evaluation of your speaking skills that reveals your strengths, areas to improve, the types of speaking opportunities that exist for you today and suggested next steps.

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