Audition to be Represented by heyRED
or to Qualify for ASSIST Program

Come Show Us Your Stuff!

Whether you are a seasoned speaker looking to be represented by a reputable agency or just getting started...we want to see what you've got.

Why seek to be represented?  In a word:

If you are represented by an outside party (someone not on your staff) this shows that you are an expert in your field, others will see you as worthy, valuable, sought after and worth every penny.

In another word:

Speaking is a powerful way to grow your business.  Having an Agent alleviates the stress and work of booking yourself at local events and online events.  

You may or may not want the help of an Agent for bookings, either way we encourage you to audition.  We can guide you and provide you with resources and recommendations on how to effectively use education marketing (speaking) to expand and elevate your exposure and your success.

How does this help you? In a word:

Agents have the time, staff, knowledge and expertise to seek out target audiences for your topic, negotiate with the event managers and get you booked.  This takes hours off your plate and lets you concentrate on what you are good at - speaking, writing, coaching, training, consulting, etc.

Upon the conclusion of the audition you will not only receive honest and productive feedback, but a plan of action to move your speaking career forward, even if that ends up not being with our agency.  We want to help you achieve your dreams!

heyRED Speaker Auditions
heyRED Speaker Auditions

Audition to be Represented by heyRED

Speaker Spark!

What's Involved:

  • Complete our Speaker Intake Form.
  • One hour interview with Gig Getter Extraordinaire, Teresa Gitomer to understand and/or determine:
    • Your expertise
    • Your skills as a speaker
    • Your potential
    • Your audience/niche
    • Your Marketability
    • Your motivation for speaking

What You Get:

  • Insights to building speaking into your income-generating business model:
    • Best audience based on speaking demand
    • Fee range you can expect
    • Number of free gigs worth doing to build experience
    • Most appealing speaker topics based on expertise
  • Comprehensive evaluation on the viability and marketability of your talk(s)

Invest in Yourself for Just


Want to Monetize
Your Brilliance?

Speaker Breakthrough!

What's Involved:

  • Complete our Speaker Intake Form.
  • Provide a video link to a past speaking engagement.
  • One hour interview with Gig Getter Extraordinaire, Teresa Gitomer.
  • One hour interview with Brilliance Maestro Melissa Taylor
  • They will assess:
    • ​Your strengths as an expert and speaker
    • Your opportunities to monetize your brilliance

What You Get:

  • Insights to where your brilliance can be monetized beyond speaking:
    • ​Other publication products that can be created.
    • Educational sessions that can be developed.
    • Ways to expand current speaking offering.
    • Marketing recommendations
    • 90-day Action Plan.
    • Next-step recommendations.

Invest In Yourself for Just


Teresa Gitomer and Melissa Taylor

What To Do Before the Call?

When scheduling, there is an intake form so we can prepare for the call. Please be as honest and specific as you can, and if possible (not required), provide a recent video link of you speaking.

What Happens During the Call?

Teresa will ask lots of questions to understand your expertise, your verbal communication skills, and your motivation for speaking.

What Changes After the Call?

You will receive an evaluation of your speaking skills that reveals your strengths, areas to improve, the types of speaking opportunities that exist for you today and suggested next steps.

Book your Speaker Spark Today!

​Why is there a small fee?

Because we know you are serious and we want you to invest in YOU.  By charging a small fee it ensures that you WILL show up for yourself.  Plus, we only have so many time slots committing to that time takes the slot away from someone else.

What do I need to prepare?

A 7-minute or less mini-presentation that shows up the core of your message.
We WILL cut you off at 7 minutes, so come prepared.  

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