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Jerry McCormick

Jerry McCormick Speaker of the Month

Jerry McCormick is the President of Personal Safety at Work, where he utilizes his 30 years of experience as a police officer, plus 8 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, and as a personal safety expert that researched more than 300 incidents of Active Shooter cases and then developed training for thousands of public safety professionals on how to respond to active shooter incidents.

In addition, he has transitioned into a role of providing employee personal safety training after interviewing 9,800 police officers in the US, Europe & China on why police officers are rarely victims of Person-on-Person Crimes to help employees learn how to deal with a myriad of workplace and public threats that extend beyond active shooter situations.

Personal Safety at Work has expanded their online offerings to include Distracted Driver Training and Turnkey Fleet Safety Management Program. Distracted Driver accidents cost the Insurance Industry $60 Billion each year. This course is designed to increase safety, reduce injuries, reduce damages to property and vehicles, reduce lost time at work from accidents and improve confidence when operating a motor vehicle.

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