Melissa Taylor

Charlotte, NC


A little about Melissa Taylor. She is known as a top strategic business consultant and mentor who shows businesses how to increase their impact and influence through networking, her signature Speaker League program and community, and her SCALE Mentoring.

Over her 50 odd years Melissa has built 3 solid, successful, and profitable businesses and now she simply wants to share that experience with others. She strives to always offer value, encouragement, inspiration, and motivation while providing the right online and offline strategies for other entrepreneurs and professionals on their journey to success.

Her unique approach and signature programs and talks provide information in a fun, exciting, results driven and implantable way. When people take what she has to say, do the work, and implement her strategies they see an increase in their impact, influence, and income.

Melissa has over 20 years of experience leading and training teams in a corporate environment, and in the entrepreneurial world. Yet her primary focus is the expert/thought leader industry and working with clients that want to be seen as the “go-to” person in their field.

One of the driving forces for Melissa’s success and the strategies she teaches is her desire to have a life! She has been married to Rodger for 18 years, has 2 teenagers that are involved in EVERYTHING, one dog, and is extremely interested in having RECESS as a major part of her life!


Power in the Spoken Word

Want to grow your contact list and boost your influence, impact and income by leaps and bounds? Become a speaker and learn to do it the right way! Speaking engagements are a very powerful platform for reaching potential customers and clients with messages that fast track your know/like/trust factor at SCALE. But along with opportunity comes responsibility. Done the wrong way, speaking platforms can be the demise of you, your business and reputation. Learn the Power in the Spoken Word with Melissa and explode your influence, impact and income!

  • Solidify the 2 most important objectives you must achieve from stage to be a sought- after speaker
  • Avoid the most common presentation mistakes
  • Implement the 3 keys to making any speaking engagement a hit with your audience (and your host).
  • Confidently sell your products and services from the stage without sounding “salesy”

The Hourglass Business Model

Whether you are a start-up or a seasoned entrepreneur, Melissa will provide you with a proven success strategy for your business through her signature Hourglass Model. From lead generation, conversion to sales, marketing and customer experience her unique approach will provide change the way your business operates and increase your impact and income. This is a hands-on, get-er-done approach that will provide everyone with strategies to implement right away.

  • Create a business and revenue structure that will increase your bottom line
  • Implement the top 10 vital skills to foster a successful business
  • Attract and engage with more potential clients
  • Increase your conversion rate and Improve your customer experience to not only bring in more clients but retain those you have for increased lifetime value

Networking as a Contact Sport

All businesses need to network, meet new people, cultivate strong relationship, and receive referrals or they will die a slow (or sometimes rapid) death. Melissa’s unique approach to networking will provide a fun learning atmosphere that is sure to please any crowd! From lead generation, strategy for networking, and your ‘elevator pitch’ to follow-up and effective conversion techniques, Melissa will help you implement the art and the science to Networking as a Contact Sport.

  • Maximize your networking hours for increase ROI
  • Feel confident in how you position yourself in your industry
  • Gain a streamlined system for time management and follow up


More Speakers

Let’s face it, not all speakers are the same. At heyRED we take the time to build a relationship with the best in the business. Keynotes, breakouts, workshops and so much more, we have the speaker you need.