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Dr. Jo Lichten

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Reboot – How to Stay Focused, Energized and More Productive

What Every Woman Wants; More Energy, Better Looking Legs and Peace of Mind

How to Stay Healthy and Fit on the Road

Swimming in a Sea of Priorities

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Jo Lichten PhD, RDN (a.k.a. “Dr. Jo®”) inspires busy people to stay healthy, sane, and productive. As a consultant with Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, Dr. Jo® works with C-suite executives who have experienced so much success in their business — at the detriment of their personal life and health. Like most other successful people, they’ve tried all of the traditional productivity hacks like working harder, faster, and longer. But that only goes so far — until they feel drained and unmotivated, and burned out.

Dr. Jo® has appeared on 300+ TV and radio shows, presented more than 1,000 programs at conferences, and has written articles or has been quoted in 300+ newspapers, magazines and websites.

She is also the author of four books including REBOOT — how to power up your energy, focus, and productivity. Dr. Jo® contracts with Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute coaching C-suite executives on how to expand their personal energy for increased productivity at work and more happiness at home.


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