Deborah Gardner

Phoenix, AZ


Deborah Gardner is a swimming champion turned author and competitive performance expert, Deborah helps companies and organizations advance to new levels of success with a new competitive mentality – reach for your wall to receive maximum winning results.

At the age of 7-years-old, Deborah was afraid of swimming in a pool because she thought a shark would eat her. After overcoming that fear and pursuing a competitive swimming career, she was faced with new challenges including the 1980 Olympic boycott, where Deborah might very well had been one of America’s most favorite Olympians. With that dream crushing set back, Deborah persevered. Today, Deborah is often referred by many Fortune 500 companies as Aqua Girl and the Pit Bull in a Skirt by sharing her remarkable experiences living in the fast lane.

Rising to international prominence with a captivating sassy, entertaining and humorous presentation style, Deborah doesn’t hold back on challenging audiences to think and act in an effort to inspire immediate self-motivation and positive action to compete better now. Whether it’s a keynote, master class, workshop or a training program, Deborah provides the most relevant, up-to-date practices using real-life stories and examples in a conversational and facilitating format. She combines her swimming triumph to victory while having audiences interactively align their goals with an “all swimmers on deck” approach that translates into innovative ideas for an impeccable experience for all.

Aside from her amazing lifetime accomplishments in the pool, Deborah has a wealth of practice being a Marine Brat, a ground-breaking leader as one of the first female broadcasters with CBS Sports and WHO-Sports Radio and a successful hospitality sales veteran. Deborah’s talents and knowledge for identifying untapped potential continues to prove results for companies such as Wal-Mart, Bank of America, Henkel, Silicon Valley Bank, Crowne Plaza Hotels, Chevron, Symbius, Meeting Professionals International, Outdoor Industry Association, Michigan Society of Executives, Professional Convention Management Association, Vitesse Worldwide, Florida Apartment Association, Mount Juliet Quarterback Club, National Association of Electrical, Blue Cross Blue Shields, Consumer Credit Industry Association and more.


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