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Vinny Esposito

Charlotte, NC


Garage/Warehouse to the Superbowl

When Two Passions Collide

The Psychology of an Event

Innovation: When There is No Box to Think Outside of, the Possibilities are Endless

vinny’s BIO

Vinny Esposito was born and raised in New York, but his love of Charlotte runs deep. He started his professional career in the corporate world and music industry in New York. He moved to Charlotte, NC in 1999 with his wife Diane and their two young boys, Tyler & Corey, and that’s when their journey really began.

When they first moved here, Vinny started his career in corporate America while also opening his own business. As the 2008 recession hit, Vinny decided to leave his corporate job and focus on his company, Split Second Sound. Since conception the company has grown every single year.

A pinnacle of Vinny’s DJ career was receiving the offer to be the music coordinator for the NFL franchise, the Carolina Panthers in 2011. As the beloved Game Day DJ for the Panthers, he became in higher demand for events and even public speaking. Vinny’s love for music and football shows in his work. “It’s creating your own opportunities and then using them to the fullest potential. When you do what you love and are passionate about it there is nothing more satisfying than having two passions collide.”

Speaking in front of people comes very naturally to Vinny with 30 years of MC experience under his belt. His passion comes through in his words with genuine excitement, humor, and real-life experiences delivering it in a way that everyone seems to understand and enjoy.

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