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Monique Williamson



The Beauty of No

I’d Rather Lick Sand

Monique’s Bio

Monique has a unique ability to see the big picture, hone in on the necessary changes, then spark a desire in others to begin their journey to better wellness. Through her experiences as an event planner, insurance agent, designer, and educator, she took an interest in encouraging her co-workers to try new paths to find balance and improve their overall wellness. Over the past 5 years, Monique has impacted hundreds of lives as a therapist and is the CEO and President of Enriched LLC.

She likens herself to Curious George. She says they are both precocious, have a thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm for everything they do. Monique is enthusiastic about and finds her ultimate joy in joining others on their journey to find their own light. As a mental health therapist, Monique offers corporations and individuals wellness awareness programs and services that allow her to walk alongside them towards improving their lives.

Monique knows from first-hand experience that finding your light is a path long traveled. She wants everyone to know that the detours along the way are inevitable but learning from them is our best option. When we move toward our brightest purpose we create a better world not just for ourselves but for everyone else. We have a duty to continue to inspire others for good.

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