Adam Graeme

Ontario, CA


Adam Graeme has hypnotized thousands of people throughout his performing career earning him spots on national television networks, radio stations and red carpet events. Fortune 100 and 500 companies have hired Adam Graeme for all types of events causing Special Events Magazine to write that he “is one of the top performing artists in the world” and that his show “is not like anything we have ever seen before”.

Imagine how hilarious it would be seeing your friends and family up on stage performing while under complete control of Master Hypnotist Adam Graeme. This is the event of the year you do not want to miss.

Based on his book State of Clarity, Adam Graeme teaches simple techniques to influence and persuade like a master hypnotist. Adam has spent years hypnotizing thousands of people within seconds in front of live theater audiences. He is now teaching his secret techniques to audiences around the world.

Adam Graeme depends on his ability to be a master influencer. Imagine the improvements you could make in your life, your relationships, your sales, and your career if you possessed Adam Graeme’s years of experience. Imagine if you had almost super human abilities to gain access into the subconscious minds of everyone around you.

This isn’t just another fluffy seminar. Attendees actually get to see firsthand how the power of mind works as Adam Graeme invites volunteers up on stage to demonstrate and prove how the strategies work. Your attendees get to see the skills in action showing immediate and dramatic results.


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